Welcome to Dream Sunday

1000 DreamersDream Sunday is about you and your dreams. It is about releasing your dreams so that you can shape the world around you. It is about building you. 

Dream Sunday is about your family and friends. It’s about sharing the experience.

Dream Sunday is about you helping your church achieve her goals to reach more people – to build the dreams of other people like yourself—like your friends and family – to help the dreamer dream even bigger.

Dream Sunday is about everyone who calls ALC the Church of Tomorrow home making a commitment to financially support the vision and mission of our ministry…to help the Church of Tomorrow do what we do best — Building the People Who Shape the World. 

Be a Part of Dream Sunday Thrive Activities

21 Minutes of Prayer
LifeChurch (Starts 7:09 pm to 7:30 pm Wednesday, August 14 and Ends
September 11) 

21-Day Dream Challenge
Starts Monday, August 26 and Ends
Dream Sunday, September 15 at 10:30 am
Jump in at www.ALCchurch.org/dreamsunday

Get ready -  It’s going to be HUGE